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TRE VALLI SRL has been specializing in the production of casual/sports outwear for woman and sleepwear for woman/man since more than 40 years.
TRE VALLI SRL’s work starts from the study of the model and it ends with the final product. The whole process is made with the highest versatility regarding the style and the quantities produced.

Tre Valli s.r.l. - Quality

Style and Made in Italy: these elements have always characterized TRE VALLI SRL. The quality of our production starts from the style of our garments, which are studied with attention to both fashion trends and practicality of use. It continues with the cutting and packaging operations, which are carried out by expert staff who use highly automated machinery.

Tre Valli s.r.l. - Technology

The technical and technological improvement has always been important for TRE VALLI SRL. The company is in fact equipped with modern computerized automatic cutting systems, CAD systems, plotter and ironing systems. The high-level automation grants our production high-quality standards combined with maximum production flexibility.

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The Company

We invite you to discover how TRE VALLI SRL has worked for over 40 years in the clothing industry.

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Tre Valli Maglieria - Azienda


High automation and computerized systems for drawing and modelling are the standard for TRE VALLI SRL.


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